Recent Photographs

March 11, 2008

[Vimeo 773995]



March 9, 2008

Howl is a continually evolving piece centered around the beauty and power of wind. Years ago, I had a dream about wind that was aesthetically and sonically similar to this video. It was beautiful and a bit haunting. The images and sounds stayed with me for days. The first version of this footage was more straight forward. I wanted to use these images for a different function; to promote wind power and sustainable energy. Now, I am presenting the same footage with a more experimental approach, embarking on an exploration of max/MSP patches. Max/MSP allows me to slow down the rate of sound and images, inverse images and even play images/sound backwards. Seeing and hearing this way, felt far from my daily reality, intangible like dreams. In addition, I added layers of my voice, to emulate the haunting beauty of the wind. This is a piece I would also like to try live, where my voice would manipulate the image rate and aesthetic, depending on the volume.

March Show Flyer

February 27, 2008


Glass & Wire

February 27, 2008


At Cito O’ City during March, I am showing a select group of my images from the Gates Factory. Throughout the years, and currently with my Transforming Space video project, I have made hundreds of Gates images. I narrowed it down to six new images and three older images, returning to what initially attracted me to the factory; the wire and glass.



To me, this abondoned building that many people think of as an eyesore, is loaded with corners and cracks of beauty. The factory is being demolished this year, which now extends these images to documents of history and memory. (see the “Transforming Space” project)










After a Bela Karoli show last month at the Merc, Jen Gilleran, one of my favorite drummers in town, approached me about a visual music collaboration. She has merged with violinist, Carrie Beeder and pianist, James Han of Bela Karoli, and guitarist, Jack Leihy of the Paper Stars, to form an experimental musical project, which involves playing and often improvising to projected images. Honored to take part in this collaboration, I agreed to provide images, both still and moving for the group. March 6th at the Lion’s Lair will be the debut performance. The group will play for 25-30 minutes while my projected moving and still images weave in and out of the set.

I will also have a solo exhibition of the Gates images on display at City O City (13th and Sherman) during the month of March. More information to follow…

January 23, 2008




This video/audio exploration is entitled Transforming Space and currently consists of three parts. This project documents the Gates Factory demolition in Denver and attempts to present or question issues of urban development, architectural memory and historic preservation. This is very much in progress and eventually I would like to present many different perspectives on these complicated issues. In this first version I include interviews with a demolition employee who has a personal history with the factory. He explains feeling torn between progress and his own history (part 1). I continue by speaking with an artist who finds inspiration from this space (part 2). I conclude the piece by showing the demolition of the southern building (part 3).