Thanks for visiting my “works in progress” blog. Since the first time I made a photographic image, I have been intrigued by the still camera’s ability to freeze even the most simple moment or place, encouraging pause and tranforming the way we experience the world. Now I am experimenting with movement and sound, combining photography with video and audio, exploring how new media technologies can be used to tell stories that enhance social and cultural awareness or… simply to find, create and present beauty.

I also play accordion, glockenspiel and sing in the Denver based band Bela Karoli. We are a quartet of humans (Julie Davis (song writer), Carrie Beeder, James Han and I), but a quintet if you count our robot. We mix old-world instruments such as upright bass, violin, cello, accordion, and piano with electronic tracks (our robot) and vocals.


One Response to “About”

  1. luis vignoli Says:


    soy luis, you remeber me? the guy at natalia´s collages how token pictures and speaks spanglish very well(freak obiusly). nice to meet you and welcome to rosario freak!

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