Recent Photographs

March 11, 2008

[Vimeo 773995]



March 9, 2008

Howl is a continually evolving piece centered around the beauty and power of wind. Years ago, I had a dream about wind that was aesthetically and sonically similar to this video. It was beautiful and a bit haunting. The images and sounds stayed with me for days. The first version of this footage was more straight forward. I wanted to use these images for a different function; to promote wind power and sustainable energy. Now, I am presenting the same footage with a more experimental approach, embarking on an exploration of max/MSP patches. Max/MSP allows me to slow down the rate of sound and images, inverse images and even play images/sound backwards. Seeing and hearing this way, felt far from my daily reality, intangible like dreams. In addition, I added layers of my voice, to emulate the haunting beauty of the wind. This is a piece I would also like to try live, where my voice would manipulate the image rate and aesthetic, depending on the volume.