Inside the Factory / Inside the Stone Lion

November 6, 2007





I had a conversation with Gary Isaacs the other day about the insides of the gates factory. I say “insides” because that’s exactly what it felt like when he described the interior filled with loose wires, shadows, decaying walls, floorboards and odd machinery. I had a dream last night about this space, the internal organs. It felt like the discovery of a crashed spaceship or a sunken ship, filled with remnants, perhaps even voices of the past. It reminded me of these photos I made inside the old stone lion building of ephemeral figures representing the intangible, mysteries of life and beyond.


One Response to “Inside the Factory / Inside the Stone Lion”

  1. sarahlayne Says:

    Your film today was wonderful! You did such a great job and it was such an improvement from your first video (which was also great!). I did not think it was too long- i really enjoyed your images and your interviews made the images have a deeper, historical and emotion impact on me than I did previously.

    I could see this in a show, possibly including Gary Isaacs photographs and even bits of the rubble from the factory (like you mentioned previously in class). A showing in Denver would be very effective as I think many people see this as a historical landmark. But this piece could also be under the theme of “Architectural Memory” which could be effective anywhere.

    Also, your photographs are beautiful!

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