A Fading History

September 19, 2007


I find the Gates factory strange, beautiful and important to Denver’s history and aesthetic. It’s currently being torn down to build condominiums. It’s the same situation with Coney Island, where they are replacing the historic space with amusement park themed condos. The next generation will wonder about its’ true history while America is filled with nearly identical, cheaply made condominiums and strip malls. The last remaining open space will turn to landfills filled with a crumbled history. We are a trash culture. I admit, this is a complicated issue. The Gates factory has been vacant for many years, it’s contaminated and many feel it’s an eyesore. Coney Island was booming in the forties while now it has only occasional visitors that are more into the novelty than the amusement. Both spaces would cost a fortune to keep and remodel (although probably a fraction of what we spend on war). I am not opposed to progressive development decisions, but whom are these decisions benefiting? Apart from the aesthetic concerns, will these new living spaces only benefit the development companies and a small demographic of middle to upper class society? Why not create a public space accessable and beneficial to all?



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